What is the admission Process-is there any entrance test?2020-05-07T08:50:21+00:00

Yes, Entrance examination administered by CTEVT.

What is the eligibility for Admission to PLC in Ophthalmic Science?2020-05-07T08:48:30+00:00

SEE/SLC pass having at least (2 GPA and must be C Grade in English, Mathematics and Science) or equivalent.

How do i can apply in Diploma/PCL/TSLC course.2020-05-07T08:46:43+00:00

Candidates are required to fill the  Application Form when CTEVT announce the New Intake Admission .

When do admission take place ?2020-05-07T08:45:18+00:00

Admission usually take place in the period between Ashadh and Shravan just after SEE Result every year.

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