Message from Principal Desk

Entering into the era of science and technology, the need of learning the skills to cope up with them is something realized much earlier. Especially in South Asian countries like Nepal, empowering people with skills and trainings regarding the same has proven to be of much importance.

CTEVT, a national autonomous apex body of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector, is an institution established with an objective of producing technical and skillful human resources required to the nation. Under the constituency of the same, Lahan Technical School (LTS) was established in B.S. 2039 with cooperation of Integrated Village Development Project and ADB (Asian Development Bank). Since its establishment, the institution has always been emphasizing on empowering people with the possible skills under the available technical courses. We are continuously making our endeavors in the field of creating self-employment opportunities and producing skilled human resources as the nation demands. Leading such an institution has always been an honor and I pledge to always pave its way towards further evolution welcoming any progressive change.

Er. Ram Narayan Chaudhary